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Bride of Chucky - Mega Scale Talking Scarred Chucky 15 inch Action Figure

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149,95 €

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    He's baaaaaack! Talking Mega Scale 15 inch Chucky! How do you make a 15 inch tall homicidal doll containing the soul of a serial killer even more terrifying? Make it talk! The star of five CHILD’S PLAY films, our Chucky figure features real cloth Good Guys clothing, 11 points of articulation and his trademark orange hair. Chattering seven spine-chilling phrases pulled directly from the films, this Chucky is guaranteed to thrill. Chucky features realistic glass-like eyes, and a (plastic) knife that he is sure to use for no good. Each Chucky comes packaged in his own collector-friendly, film-inspired window box. Remember, he’s your friend to the end!

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