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ARTFX J - Yami Yugi - Duel with Destiny

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109,99 €

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    While the original version of the statue portrays Yami Yugi with a sharp gaze at the start of a duel with his cards at the ready, the -Duel with Destiny- version depicts him in a more dynamic pose with a card raised high and the Millenium Item’s “eye” symbol glowing on his forehead.

    Yami Yugi’s lean form and balanced proportions along with the Duel Disk and Millenium Puzzle he wears are packed with detail.
    (The jacket, Duel Disk, and Millenium Puzzle can all be removed).

    The statue can be displayed alongside ARTFX J Seto Kaiba -Duel with Destiny- to depict the two characters in an action-packed duel, or alongside the original ARTFX J Yami Yugi!

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