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25,99 €

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    Written by JOHN BYRNE & CHRIS CLAREMONT Penciled by JOHN BYRNE Cover by JOHN BYRNE John Byrne writes and draws Alpha Flight's early adventures! See such unlikely heroes as Puck, Sasquatch, Northstar?and Guardian take on the threats of the Super-Skrull, Omega Flight, the Master of the World and the Plodex! Plus: Alpha?Flight origins, Marrina falls in love with Namor, and a team?member's death! And not one, but two takes on the classic?X-Men adventure in which Weapon Alpha tried to take Wolverine back to Canada! Collecting ALPHA FLIGHT (1983) #9-19 and X-MEN (1963) #109.

    Writers Chris Claremont en John Byrne
    Artiesten John Byrne
    Product Vorm Trade Paperback
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 28-09-2011
    Streepjescode 9780785131250
    Publisher MARVEL COMICS
    Website productcategorie Comics
    Keywords Super-hero