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DIGIMON Complete Season 1-4 Collection

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105,00 €

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    Digifans unite! The first four seasons of Digimon are together for the first time. Over 73 hours of your favorite episodes Digivolve into one amazing collecting. This dynamic 32-DVD set brings you 205 episodes of the Digimon series starting with DIGIMON ADVENTURE and DIGIMON ADVENTURE 02, the classic seasons that started it all, and DIGIMON TAMERS and DIGIMO FRONTIER, the continuation of the series with all new characters and worlds. Relive your favorite moments with Tai and the original Digidestined, journey back to the Digital World with Davis and the class of chosen kids, follow Takato a mega fan of the Digimon Card Game into the Digital World for the first time, or join Takuya as he learns the history of Spirits and Ancietn Warriors.

    Writers Atsushi Maekawa , Satoru Nishizono , Chiaki J. Konaka , Sukehiro Tomita en Genki Yoshimura
    Artiesten Hiroyuki Kakudō , Yukio Kaizawa , Keisuke Okuda , Hiromi Seki en Kyotaro Kimura
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 07-04-2002
    Streepjescode 5022366591348
    Website productcategorie DVD's
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