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    Every episode from the first two seasons of the Japanese anime based on the manga series by Yûsei Matsui. After destroying 70% of the Moon, a seemingly indestructible, tentacled creature threatens to wipe out the Earth in similar fashion within the year. The planet's only hope lies with the young students of Class 3E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, where the creature has been assigned to teach, who have been chosen to learn the art of assassination from their new, tentacled teacher. Will they succeed in despatching the one they call Koro-sensei (voice of Jun Fukuyama) before lessons are over? Season 1 episodes are: 'Assassination Time', 'Baseball Time', 'Karma Time', 'Grown-Up Time', 'Assembly Time', 'Test Time', 'School Trip Time: 1st Period', 'School Trip Time: 2nd Period', 'Transfer Student Time', 'L and R Time', 'Transfer Student Time: 2nd Period', 'Ball Game Tournament Time', 'Talent Time', 'Vision Time', 'End-of-Term Time', 'School's Out/1st Term', 'Island Time', 'Action Time', 'Demon Time', 'Karma Time/2nd Period', 'Takaoka Time' and 'Nagisa Time'. Season 2 episodes are: 'Summer Festival Time', 'Kaede Time', 'Itona Horibe Time', 'Spinning Time', 'Leader Time', 'Before & After Time', 'Reaper Time: Part 1', 'Reaper Time: Part 2', 'Round Two Time', 'School Festival Time', 'End-of-Term Time, 2nd Period', 'Think Outside the Box Time' and 'Let Live Time', 'Secret Identity Time', 'Confession Time', 'Past Time', 'Discord Time', 'Outcome Time', 'Outer Space Time', 'Valentine's Day Time', 'Trust Time', 'Happy Birthday Time', 'Final Boss Time', 'Graduation Time' and 'Future Time.'

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