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    One-Time Image Comics periodical but NEVER collected before. One-time Kickstarter LOSER but scoring a win in the end. One-Hit Wonder for REAL but certainly not a quitter! He's back for the most anticipated crime comedy adventure of 2022 (or not). Richie Reese was a (terrible) child actor. He was the worst. Seriously, he couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. His heart filled with anger, he found solace in violence and everything Mafia related. Until he joins the mob for real. That's where we meet Richie. He's at the top of his game. He's internalized every bit of crazy that Hollywood has thrown at him over his decades living in Tinseltown, but he's become very efficient hitman in the process. When, one of the only people tethering him to the last shreds of his humanity is murdered, Richie starts looking for answers. But what he finds is more terrifying than he could ever have imagined… Written by Fabrice Sapolsky (Spider-Man Noir, Intertwined) with art by comic book Demi-God Ariel Olivetti and a cast of not too shabby artists like Ivan Fiorelli (now at Marvel, folks!), Dennis Calero (whose resume is bigger than yours), Stephen Thompson and Joe Suitor. Additional original art by Stephane Roux, Elsa Charretier, Sedat Oezgen, Isaac Goodhart, Leo Sapolsky, Leila Leiz, Tom Lyle, Louis, J.M. Minguez, Anthony Dugenest, Little Gingko and Fabrice Sapolsky.

    Writers Sapolsky en Fabrice
    Artiesten Olivetti en Ariel
    Product Vorm Trade Paperback
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 12-01-2022
    Streepjescode 9780999276617
    Website productcategorie Artbooks
    Keywords Action/Adventure