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14,99 €

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    Sakura, an office worker at the top of his game working for a major company, has a complex over being an Omega. He hates that Alphas are always oppressing Omegas and has resolved to be Mate-free for life. One day, however, he loses his memory in a freak accident, and finds out that somehow he and his colleague - an Alpha named Narushige, whom he's always thought of as a rival - have become mated! At first, Sakura is adamantly against the arrangement, but by and by, Narushige's steadfast compassion, trust, and affection as his partner leave Sakura finding himself attracted to him... This book contains explicit content and mature themes, including dubious consent. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.

    Writers Uekawa Kichi
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 17-05-2023
    Streepjescode 9781427872784
    Publisher TOKYOPOP
    Website productcategorie Manga
    Keywords Yaoi