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    When Nao confessed to Himeko, he had nothing to lose. After Nao's dad left down, he lost all financial support; had to drop out of school; and returned to his hometown, despite not having a place to stay. Taking pity on him, Himeko offers Nao a place to stay with her and her very shy roommate, Kanae. Nao doesn't want to live on the streets but Kanae's reactions make him feel like an unwanted guest. And wait, what about that confession?! In another story, Kitani has a huge crush on a girl in his class named Saya, but he's too afraid and bashful to say anything. When a mutual friend brings up that she's offering her services, he doesn't believe her until he sees Saya at his door! He wants to be a gentleman but when the girl of his dreams is raring to go, will his resolve crack? Bashful Break by one of hentai's greatest vanilla storytellers, Homunculus.One of the top hentai artists in the industry, Homunculus' first two books, Bashful Break and Renai Sample, have both reached several top selling tank?bon lists in Japan. Homunculus is part of the doujinshi circle Undercover Brothers alongside their friend Sugaishi, writer/artist of A Healthy Appetite (also by Fakku Books).

    Writers Homunculus
    Artiesten Homunculus
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 27-06-2018
    Streepjescode 9781634420549
    Publisher FAKKU BOOKS
    Website productcategorie Manga
    Keywords Adult