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14,99 €

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    Aijo Rentaro tried and tried again, but after asking a hundred girls out on a date, he was rejected every single time. In desperation he prays for guidance, only to be told by a god that his rejections were due to some cosmic error! Now the god is going to set things right by making sure that Aijo gets one hundred dates. Except, as things often do with gods, the dates come with a catch: one hundred girls are destined to be Aijo's soulmate, and unless he returns their feelings each and every time, they'll die in horrible accidents! Can someone really love a hundred other people?

    Writers Nakamura Rikito
    Artiesten Nozawa Yukiko
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 13-07-2022
    Streepjescode 9781638583752
    Publisher GHOST SHIP
    Website productcategorie Manga
    Keywords Reference/Art Books/How To en Video Game/Software Tie-In