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    The Art of Frank Cho presents Frank's first full career overview in this 20-year retrospective featuring over 400 pieces of art. They include his early student works, personal paintings and a section on his creator-owned properties, followed by an extensive overview of his adventure and superhero work completed for the major and independent comic publishers. Frank provides fresh commentary throughout to reveal insight into his art. An interview covers his recent projects with a revealing look at his working process. Frank picked many of his favorite comic covers and interior pages to share for this book. Preliminary pencil sketches from his archives are revealed for the first time. A range of art shows the finished inks direct from the original art as well as final published colored versions. Step-by-step stages are included for selected works, showing the initial concept to the final form for reproduction. Extensive scanning and photography of the originals has been done over the course of a year to provide the best reproductions possible. Art examples are highlighted from independent comics, along with Frank's creator-owned properties, such as Jungle Queen, Liberty Meadows, Skybourne and Zombie King. Other features include behind-the-scenes selections from his titles in development, such as Autumn, Fight Girls, Guns and Dinos, War Wytch and World of Payne. The best of his recent Baker Street Irregulars Sherlock Holmes journals material is also included.

    Writers Cho Frank
    Artiesten Cho Frank
    Product Vorm Softcover
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 02-09-2020
    Streepjescode 9781640410169
    Website productcategorie Artbooks
    Keywords Reference/Art Books/How To