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16,99 €

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    Return to DS9 as death casts its shadow on the space station in this murder-mystery. Constable Odo searches for truth amid a web of treachery and lies but everyone on the Promanade has a motive for this murder, be it vengeance, justice, or old-fashioned greed. With the murderer on the loose, the inhabitants of Deep Space 9 start to divide into factions, made even worse when the Ferengi government gets involved. Further complicating the issue, conflict between Constable Odo and the Federation's hand-picked criminal investigator threatens to derail the investigation itself!

    Writers Tipton Scott
    Artiesten Scott Greg
    Product Vorm Trade Paperback
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 09-12-2020
    Streepjescode 9781684057351
    Publisher IDW PUBLISHING
    Website productcategorie Comics
    Keywords Science Fiction en Star Trek