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    ***Limited Edition, Direct Market Exclusive*** After over fifteen years deferral, delay and dawdling, the ink-and-paper cheerleader F. C. Ware finally succumbs to imaginary public pressure by concluding his tiresome experiment in reader trust with the third and final volume of secret notebooks and sketches spanning over thirty-seven years of bus rides, airport delays and telephone hold music. Exquisitely crafted fine art doodles, hand-selected meanderings and artisanal rewritings of personal conflict are scattered throughout comic strips unconsciously revealing private hostilities and unflattering portraits of public transportation riders, the whole carefully cleansed of any impugnable or litigious tracery. As a professional adult-picture-book drawer and regular contributor to the New Yorker, Le Monde and the Illinois Cook County Assessor’s office, Mr. Ware’s work in these pages secures his reputation as an reliably unreliable self-narrator, willing to say or write anything to win petty disputes and imagined squabbles. All three Acme Novelty Datebooks are also available in a compacted and easily recyclable slipcase, the spine of which is punched through with a training timepiece for those caregivers who would like to adjust its miniature metal hands as a teaching aid to suit their own pedagogical exercise, private nostalgia or personal anxiety. As with the first two volumes, this third and, again, very final volume clocks in at 208 full color pages augmented by annotations, introduction and a professional apology, with paper boards and cloth spine of misleading demureness to conceal its native prurience.

    Writers Chris Ware
    Artiesten Chris Ware
    Product Vorm Hardcover
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 23-10-2024
    Streepjescode 9781770467354
    Publisher DRAWN & QUARTERLY
    Website productcategorie This months Comics Preorders en All Recent Preorders
    Keywords Reference/Art Books/How To