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    This is it: the Clown Prince of Crime battles the Dark Knight Detective head-to-head for the last time. And one way or another, this explosive struggle will pave the way to the future of Gotham City! The Joker has never wanted to win before—he’s never wanted his battle with Batman to end—but now his motivation has shifted. As The Joker assembles an army, Batman reels from a debilitating Joker Toxin attack. Amid the chaos, the villains of Gotham City are waiting out the carnage Joker has unleashed—and Catwoman assembles an army of her own! Plus, Harley Quinn battles Punchline, and Clownhunter joins the action! Collects Batman #95-100.

    Writers James Tynion IV
    Artiesten Jorge Jimenez
    Product Vorm Hardcover
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 09-02-2021
    Streepjescode 9781779507907
    Publisher DC COMICS
    Website productcategorie Comics
    Keywords Super-hero