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    In this beautiful hardback book, discover the enchanting world of Simone 'Simz' Ferriero, an Italian artist who creates compelling images in which the modern day mingles with magical fantasy. The book begins with an in-depth look at the artist's creative journey, from early years and education to his professional milestones, and a look at the challenges of creating art for a living. There are two large galleries, one containing behind-the-scenes sketchbook pieces, and another focusing on Simone's modern-day witches and their spectral cat companions. Chapters on his creative process cover his tools, workspace, and advice on finding an original style, and a brand-new tutorial offers readers a chance to follow along and improve their own artistic skills.

    Writers 3D TOTAL
    Artiesten Simz
    Product Vorm Hardcover
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 11-10-2023
    Streepjescode 9781912843725
    Website productcategorie Artbooks
    Keywords Reference/Art Books/How To