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30,95 €

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    How well did we see tomorrow? Better get ready, cause it's almost here. Jamie Delano ( Hellblazer ), Frank Quitely ( All-Star Superman , X-Men , Doom Patrol ), Steve Pugh ( Harley Quinn , GrimJack ), James Romberger ( Seven Miles A Second ), and Warren Pleece ( Incognegro ) deliver a tour de force future, following the lives of a disjointed family, struggling to survive in the morally and socially decadent United States in the far-flung future of... 2020.

    Writers Delano Jamie
    Artiesten Pugh Steve
    Product Vorm Trade Paperback
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 11-12-2019
    Streepjescode 9781939888785
    Publisher Comicmix
    Website productcategorie Comics
    Keywords Science Fiction