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    For fans of Dungeons & Dragons and the blockbuster fantasy adventure film Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, this gorgeous tome showcases the storytelling, worldbuilding, and creativity behind the movie. Join in the adventures across Faerûn with stars Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Hugh Grant, Justice Smith, Regé-Jean Page, Sophia Lillis, and the rest of the dedicated cast and crew on their journey to bring the world of Dungeons & Dragons to life. With sections that highlight fan-favorite characters, monsters, and settings, plus explorations of key scenes from the film, this book is packed with production photos, concept art, storyboards, interviews, and more.

    Writers Roussos Eleni
    Product Vorm Hardcover
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 05-04-2023
    Streepjescode 9781984861863
    Publisher TEN SPEED PRESS
    Website productcategorie Artbooks
    Keywords Movie/TV Tie-In en Roleplaying/D20 Compatible