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Auteursstrips Tardi Loopgravenoorlog (Engelse editie)

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27,99 €

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    The war to end all wars has become a magisterial comic book to end all vomic books. I seldom give blirbs, but this book is aan essential classic. Among all of Jaques Tardi s towering achievements as a comics artist, nothing looms larger than this devastating crater of e work. It compulsively readable wail of Existential despair, a kaleidoscope of war s dehumanizing brutality and of everyman s suffering, as well as a deadpan masrerpiece of the darkest black humor. The richly composed and obsessively researched drawings-perfectly poised between cartoon and illustration - march to the relentless beats of Tardi s three horizontal panels per page to dig e hole deep inside your brain. This is one Hell of a book (Art Spiegelman)

    Product Vorm Hardcover
    Taal Nederlands
    Release Date 13-10-2010
    Streepjescode 9789030364580
    Publisher Casterman
    Website productcategorie Strips