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ONE PIECE Collection 13

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47,95 €

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    The assault on Enies lobby rages on as Spandam drags Robin towards the towering Gates of justice! Zoro's demonic nine-sword fighting style sets the stage for a blistering barrage of heroic attacks as the Straw Hats inch even closer to a joyous reunion with their captures crewmate. Thankfully, Luffy and his mates manage to emerge victorious, but after bidding a fiery farewell to the Going Merry, these pirates won't be going anywhere! There's a hefty new bounty of each of their heads, and their only hope for escape rests on the cyborg soldiers of Franky. The blue-haired, speedo-sporting, shipwright offers to build the Straw Hats a new vessel, but time is of the essence. Some very familiar marines are breathing down their necks, and the crew can't set sail without a boat - or their stubborn sniper. Collects episodes 300-324.

    Writers Hirohiko Uesaka
    Artiesten Munehisa Sakai
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 20-10-1999
    Streepjescode 5022366671347
    Website productcategorie DVD's
    Keywords Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy en Shounen