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    In this fantasy world filled with heroes, monsters, and royalty, a minuscule antihero wants to become the most terrible and dreaded Dark Lord of all the time ... the only problem is, she's broke, has no henchmen, no evil lair, and no plan. But would that stop ten-year-old Apprentice Lord of Darkness in this hilarious (and adorable) graphic novel? No way! It's been 200 years since the Master of Evil was driven out of the Alkyll lands, and everyone is living happy, peaceful lives...everyone except tiny, ten-year-old Apprentice Lord of Darkness. She is so bored without any mischief around and is looking to make a name for herself by causing a little bit of chaos and disruption. But first, she needs an evil lair, then a group of loyal henchmen, and finally a plot to kidnap the princess. But as events unfold, Apprentice Lord of Darkness and her silly crew bite off more than they can chew. The Master of Evil returns, they compete for the throne, search for the powerful Hand of Fate, battle a barbarian, and eventual realize that they may not be as evil as they thought! This hilarious graphic novel combines humor and fantasy with irresistibly cute illustrations. The short scenes are perfect for new graphic novel readers, and the jokes will keep older audiences laughing and turning pages with delight. Our anti-heroine is as adorable as she is snarky and will make a fan out of boy and girl readers alike.

    Writers Ced
    Artiesten Ced
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 06-07-2022
    Streepjescode 9781499812749
    Website productcategorie Graphic Novels
    Keywords Fantasy en For Young Readers