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    What makes a 'good' home. Is it a crashed starship with only a glitchy holographic attendant? A page of art that transports the artist - along with her cat - which the artist into the vastness of space? Is it navigating new parenthood amidst foreign traditions, values and language? Or how an owl keeps a family sane during lockdowns. Short comic stories featuring a diverse selection of award winning and new comic creators representing many different styles and genres Author(s) and Artist(s): Jillian Fleck (Lake Jehovah), Theresa Wong (Dear Scarlet: The Story of My Postpartum Depression), Kyle Simmers and Ryan Danny Owen (Pass Me By), Shea Proulx (Alice at Naptime), Janice Blaine (The Funny Farm), Aaron Navrady (The Cold Fire), Naomi Fong, Cam Haydn, Josh Rose, Chris Doucher, Jackson Gee, Derek Evernden (Bogart Creek), Chris Peterson (Genghis Con), James Davidge (1st Legion of Utopia), Chris Twin, Sam Hester, Brett Monroe, Nick Johnson, Morten Kristiansen, Shannon M. Reeves, Randi Hamel, Sho L. Uehara, Sylvia Moon, Steven Charles Rosia, Stacey Bru, Sean Seamus McWhinny, Simone Stehouwer, Mike Hooves, Luke Moore, Jacqueline Huskisson, Imaan Ladipo, Henry Hays, Darryl Sinclair, Corey Landsell, Chris Michaud, Caanan Grall

    Writers Various
    Artiesten Various
    Taal Engels
    Release Date 14-09-2022
    Streepjescode 9781989754160
    Website productcategorie Graphic novels
    Keywords Anthology